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How To Deep Clean Your Home After A Party (Free Checklist)

Hosting a successful party is one the most fulfilling things ever but no one talks about what you do after a party. All the guests are gone and it’s just you and a huge messy house! Let’s talk about how to clean your house after you have had a party.



How to prepare your house for deep cleaning


  • Open all the curtains

Start by opening up all the curtains. The reason why you wan to do this is so you can see all the things that need to be picked up from the floor. Another important reason to open the curtains is you want to let fresh air in. Let it flow in and flow back out. I am not a fan of having a strange scent and fragrance in my home long after my guest is gone.



  • Put away the extra food

If there’s extra food left, put them away in food storage containers. Not all kinds of food can be stored; things like salads and chips can be tossed since they become stale after being left open for a while.



  • Fill up your dishwasher

This step goes along with the step above, as you put away all the extra food and empty the serving dishes, you also want to place all the dirty kitchenware in the dishwasher as you move along. If you don’t have a dishwasher, set them in the sink. Soak them for a bit if you need to loosen the crusts and start washing. For dishwasher users, turn it on once filled to get that going.



  • Pick up trash on the floor and countertops

The next step is to pick up all the trash on the floor. Things like napkins, disposable cutleries and cups may have dropped on the floor- and even food. To have an easier vacuuming experience, you have to pick up all the things that your vacuum cleaner will not be able to suck in. Make sure to put all these things in a bin bag so you can just toss them right out. Separate the trash according to the kind of waste. Don’t get lazy about recycling.  Remember to look under your chairs.



  • Take down decor and party props

If you have used party decorations and props like garlands, balloons, table cloths, extra disposables, etc, Take all the decorations down along with all the party supplies and put them away in storage bins. I find these kinds of bins work best to keep an organized home.



  • Gather your cleaning supplies

The steps in a tactical cleaning process. Make sure you have everything you need to clean your house. Taking breaks in between cleaning because you’ve run out of products may cause you to be lazy about it or skimp on things you know need to be done.


pink walls


After party cleaning checklist


STEP 1: Wipe all surface areas

I start by wiping all my surface areas with kitchen safe wipes to remove dirt and grime. Target all surface areas including countertops, barstools, tables, door handles, etc.


Remember to also wipe the outer areas underneath your countertop and tables. Follow with all-purpose cleaner targeting the same areas.


Wiping first is the best place to start the cleaning process because you get to wipe out crumbs and tiny dirt pieces to the floor. This is why the floors get done last.



STEP 2: Wash your kitchen towels

Perhaps you have some soiled kitchen towels while you were cooking or you have used them to wipe down the surface areas and stove. Gather them all and set them to wash in your machine.



STEP 3: Take all the trash out

Remember all the trash we picked up earlier and put in the trash bags according to waste, now is the time to take them out. Make sure to put the used wipes in there as well, do not flush.


Waiting to take the trash out at this point is to give yourself all the changes needed to get rid of unwanted items as you see them or use them.


Don’t keep the trash bags on the floor at this point because the next step is the floors and you don’t want any parts covered for efficient cleaning.



STEP 3: Do the floors

Start by sweeping out or vacuuming the floors. Get all the corners, move your furniture around to get all the dirt they may be hiding. I like to shake up my area rug as well.


Don’t be afraid to go over the floors twice or as much as you’d like till you feel confident that it’s clean enough for mopping.


Some vacuum cleaners come in 2 in 1 where it vacuums and mops as well, this one has over 4,000 reviews on Amazon so I bet its efficient for this kind of task.


If you don’t have that, proceed with mopping the floor with antibacterial floor cleaning liquid.



This marks the end of how to clean your home after a party without the help of an after-party cleaning service.  If you find this post relevant and you’d love to have a personal copy you can print out. Right-click the image below, save and print!


after party cleaning checklist free download




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