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How To Be A Good Party Host For Your First Soiree

If you are here, then I think you are about to plan a party. Planning your first party can be nerve-racking but can easily be done with no sweats.

Once you have your RSVP list ready, have your menu recipes ready, get your essential party supplies then you are 50% ready.

Read this post will key and secret tips to plan a successful party.

With these tips, no one will be able to tell it’s your first time.



1. Be Yourself

Throwing a party can be a very stressful thing to do. The last thing you want to be while managing everything else is to be anything but yourself.

Being yourself makes you feel comfortable and more relaxed in such a situation. Surely you might have painted a perfect party in your head where everything goes according to your plan.

Don’t force things to happen on the big day. Try to go with the flow so your guests can feel comfortable as well.

Remember, just because you are a host doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too.



2. Ask For Help

As I’ve stated earlier, entertaining can be very stressful because you will be playing multiple roles on the day. Don’t overwhelm yourself because you should have fun too.

Ask for help from a friend or better still hire help. There are loads of hospitality agencies that render such services.

Contact them if you don’t have someone to help you with making sure everything is running correctly.

Being stressed out can possibly make you cranky. If you give off such energies your guests might not stop by next time.



3. Don’t Be Late To Your Own Party

Some guests will arrive earlier before the start time especially if they are driving in from out of town.

Being a good host means you are ready to start entertaining the moment your first guest arrives.

To prepare for this, be dressed and ready at least 45 minutes before the start time then carry on with last-minute touch-ups.

If the party has been set at a different location from your home, you also want to arrive early to greet your guests as they arrive.



4. Add A Little Bit Of Extra Time

Notice how time runs so fast when you are super busy? It runs twice as fast when you are getting ready to host.

Always add extra time to every task on your to-do list as a cushion. It’s better to have time left doing nothing than to run out of time while setting up.

Running out of time easily leads to chaos.



5. Make Sure There’s Extra Food

Running out of food is not a good look. Make sure your guest RSVP and use the number of people you are expecting as a guide.

Use a 1:3 ratio where 1 person can get something three times especially the appetizers.

For mains, you can do a 1:2 ratio and for desserts, have a few extra plates of what you chose to serve.



6. Stock Up Your Guest Toilet

Have your guest toilet well scented and stocked up with tissues and disposable hand towels.

Multiple people shouldn’t share a hand towel made out of fabric.

Make sure you provide hand soap and hand cream side by side. These little touches create impressions that last a while for your guests.



7. Serve Food At The Appropriate Temperature

Another way to be a good party host is to make sure the food served is at the proper temperature. Don’t serve cold food when it’s supposed to be warm and vice versa.

It’s not a good impression.

Remember that people have come to celebrate with you FOR YOU but they look forward to eating nice food as well.



8. Have A Few Conversation Starters Ready

This will come in handy to fill the void of awkward silences that ten to happen especially when your guests are not all mutual friends of one another.

Some people may be meeting for the first time so be ready with your conversations starters just to get the vibe going.



9. Even When The Food Stops, Keep The Drinks Going

It’s a great idea to have more drinks than food at a party.

People tend to stick around for much longer after eating having conversations, networking of engaging in activities you have planned any.

People love an ‘open bar’ and will not be forgetting your party anytime soon.



10. Set Your Boundaries On The Invites

If you have some house rules you would like your guests to adhere to, have them on the invite as well.

For example, if shoes are not permitted in your home, let your guests know early on so they know what not to do in your home.

If you let them come without prior notice and have to start telling them and explaining things on their arrival it can make you appear unwelcoming.



11. Have Your Party Essentials On Deck

Your paper plates, napkins, bottle openers and such should be placed somewhere your guests can easily find them.

The trick is to help your guests help themselves so your attention is not needed for every tiny thing.

You want to be a part of the party too.

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