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Important Things To Remember While Planning A Bachelorette Party

Planning a bachelorette party can be a very fun activity and it makes the bride-to-be feel special to have great friends. There are tones of ideas and themes to go for when planning a bachelorette party but remember, all of these ideas will not come to reality without proper planning.

This leads to the questions;



When should you start planning a bachelorette party?


To plan a successful bachelorette party, begin about 4 to 6 months in advance. The number factor that influences this is the fact that you are dealing with adults (the bride-to-be and her maid of honors).

You want to start planning the bridal shower as soon as possible because a lot of decisions have to be made in unison. People have work, people have other responsibilities, some of the maids of honors may not live in the same town or city.

There’s also a huge factor: COST, which can quickly rise and some of the bridal party may need more time than others to put money together.



Things You Must Consider When Planning A Bachelorette


  • Location
  • Budget
  • Theme
  • Food
  • Guests
  • Games
  • Itinerary



Who pays for the bachelorette party?


Traditionally, the only person that doesn’t pay for the bachelorette party is the bride-to-be herself. All the maids of honor come together to contribute accordingly.

There are cases where responsibilities are shared among the MOH for example; one person being in charge of food, one person is in charge of the music, the games, etc.

The bridesmaids and the guests often contribute to cover the bride on that day.

If it’s an out of town event, the bride-to-be may have to cover her own flight but everything else including the hotel should be covered by her friends.



How much should a bachelorette party cost?


The bride-to-be doesn’t pay for the bachelorette party. According to this research by Upgraded Points, the national cost of a 3-day bachelorette party may cost up to $1599.

The cost of a bachelorette party depends entirely on the bride-to-be’s taste, what you plan to do and what the party (moh, the bridesmaids and friends) can actually afford.



Who do you invite to a bachelorette party?


The maid of honor is usually the head of the planning team which consists of the bridesmaids and close friends of the bride. These are the only people you want to invite.

The invite list is typically open to the bride-to-be’s sisters or cousins who are legal and close in age.

Make sure you cover this list properly because you don’t want to forget anyone who the bride-to-be is fond of but isn’t invited.

Keep the list intimate because that’s the last moments of the bride-to-be as a single woman and the last thing she needs is a negative person around.



Do you bring a gift to a bachelorette party?


Gift giving is not necessary at a bachelorette party. Unlike a bridal shower, a bachelorette party or a hen dos’ main purpose is to celebrate the last night of the bride as a single woman.

There might be an exception for example if you missed the bridal shower, you may bring your gift along for the bride-to-be. Just don’t bring along a giant gift that hinders everything on that night.



Pro Tips For Planning A Bachelorette Party


#1 Call the location in advance

Call the location way ahead of time to make sure you have the venue secured. If you have booked a table at a restaurant or a bar you need to make sure the restaurant or bar will have your seats ready at the given time everyone is arriving.

It can be very disappointing to have to wait around for your table.


#2 Revise The Menu With The Caterer

If this is going to be catered make sure to call the catering company in advance to revise the menu with them. Also, make sure you have other choices available forĀ  people with special diets like vegans, vegetarians, etc


#3 Stay Within Budget

It’s very easy to spend outside of your budget if you don’t have one or haven’t planned your finances properly. Set the budget aside to avoid drawing into your personal savings. If you are having trouble with sticking to the party budget, then I’ll advise you get a planner. A planner will help you keep track of everything else too.


#4 Plan The Activities

Plan the activities and games with a few of the bridal party. Search Pinterest for bachelorette game ideas if you don’t know what to do on that day.

Having a bachelorette party theme also helps you in picking out great games.


#5 Time

Make sure the guests arrive on time as there is nothing more disappointing for the bride-to-be waiting for her guests to show up.


#6 Print Out An Itinerary

A great way to keep track of time during the event is to print out an itinerary. Your itinerary should include the detail of all the party activities in the order they will follow. Print enough itinerary for the guests upon arrival so everyone is aware and knows what to expect.

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