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How To Plan A Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party In 10 Minutes

Planning children’s birthday parties shouldn’t make you lose sleep at night or cost you an arm and a leg.

I will be showing you how to plan a themed unicorn birthday party on a budget answering all the questions you have.

There are 4 key aspects of planning children’s birthday parties and they are:

  • decor
  • food
  • activities and games
  • party favors or goody bags

If you have these nailed down, you can guarantee your kid and guests will have a great time! That’s where I come in to help.

Let’s start with the first factor.


To Plan A Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party


Unicorn Birthday Party Decorations:

Unicorns are imaginary creatures with the prettiest colors. In this case, you want kids to feel like they are stepping into an imaginary land where all dreams are possible.

Pink, lavender, purple and other pastel shades should be your choice of color when decorating a themed unicorn birthday party for kids.

You can also use this opportunity as a bonding time with your kids and make DIY unicorn decorations.

Include some unicorn blow up balloons and regular pastel-colored balloons blown up to different sizes and tied together.

Don’t be shy about the colors. Everything will be on the theme as long as you stick to pastel colors.

To make this a success, stick to: unicorn disposable plates, garlands, cupcake holders and toppers, unicorn cups and pastel straws and pinatas.

All of these create the tone so once kids step into the scene, they get into a festive mood immediately because kids get bored quickly.



pastel colored balloon for birthday party



What do you serve at a unicorn party?

Think of the regular foods you will serve at a kid’s party but in pastel-colors.

Unicorn party theme is very popular among kids ages 1 to 6 years old. It’s fun, pretty and very easy to put together on a budget.

What makes a great party is the kind of food you serve


Related Post11 DIY unicorn party food ideas that you can make ahead of time.


It is important to make treats abundant at a kid’s party. That’s one of the few days they are allowed to eat lots of sweets so make it count.

You can bake unicorn sugar cookies, get rainbow-colored soft icecream and cone them, Rice Krispie treats are also great ideas for kids.


pastel donuts for unicorn party



What do you do at a unicorn party?

There are so many fun ways to keep the kids active around the unicorn theme. You can take just about any kid game and transform it to fit the unicorn party theme.

Kids can get bored really easily so you want to have enough games and activities for them to do within the hours you have set to have the party.

Take a ring toss game for example and turn it into a unicorn toss game; instead of pin the tail on the donkey you can swap that for a unicorn.

You can hire a face painter for the kids or have someone apply temporary unicorn tattoos for the kids to be excited about. Avoid cost here by having a member of your family do this task.

If you want to splurge you can hire a unicorn bouncy house or buy one for hygiene purposes.



Unicorn Party Favor Ideas

You can get tons of cheap unicorn party favor ideas on Amazon. Things like stickers, headbands, sweets, and treats.

It is very easy to put together a goody bag for kids. A great idea is to think of what your child likes or what is trending in kids’ toys and games. I will list a few below as a guide;


This is the easiest way to plan a unicorn birthday party for kids on a budget. There are so many more ideas and spin you can generate from this post.

Ask your child what she/he likes and incorporate some of that into the party decoration.

It’s their day after all! Happy party planning and don’t forget the music!

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